Harriet & Ozzie talking “birds and the bees” over the weekend. #eagles #mating #baldeagle #swfleaglecam #eaglecam #nature #birdwatching #swfl (Photo: Jim Thomas)  (at Southwest Florida Eagle Cam)

Harriet & Ozzie talking “birds and the bees” over the weekend. #eagles #mating #baldeagle #swfleaglecam #eaglecam #nature #birdwatching #swfl (Photo: Jim Thomas) (at Southwest Florida Eagle Cam)

Harriet gathering materials for nestorations. 2 days until we go live! #eaglecam #swfleaglecam #eagle #nature #birdwatching #baldeagle #americanbaldeagle #swfl (photo: Desiree Deliz) (at Southwest Florida Eagle Cam)

Harriet gathering materials for nestorations. 2 days until we go live! #eaglecam #swfleaglecam #eagle #nature #birdwatching #baldeagle #americanbaldeagle #swfl (photo: Desiree Deliz) (at Southwest Florida Eagle Cam)

SWFL Eagle Cam Hosts Art Contest

SWFL Eagle Cam Art Work Contest

Calling all artists, creative thinkers and designers!

We are looking to create some artwork for next season and calling on all our amazing viewers to submit their ideas! See full details below for a better direction but honestly no idea is a bad one!

What we are looking for:

  • Graphic design or digital artwork showcasing the SWFL Eagle Cam 
  • Your personal & creative interpretation the SWFL Eagle Cam & Bald Eagle population
  • Any design you create that has been inspired by Harriet, Ozzie and family!

An example:

Contest Open: Now through August 17, 2014

All entries must be submitted to our Facebook Page message center no later than 11:59 pm EST on August 17. The email must include the name, age, postal address, phone number and email address of the Entrant.

By submitting work, entrants acknowledge they have reviewed the terms below and grant The Pritchett family and members of the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam the right to reproduce images of their work and showcase the winners on our Facebook page, website, print materials, related products and other materials. All art work submitted is considered to be the sole property of the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam.

By submitting your artwork to us, entrants confirm their entry is original and the work and property of themselves, with all rights granted therein.

We are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant and will not become involved in copyright disputes.

The Contest is open only to individuals. The Contest is not open to companies, educational institutions, organizations, etc. or to groups associated with such institutions.

Technical Requirements:

- Maximum Size of Artwork: 7MB
- Resolution of submitted work should be between 100 and 300 DPI
- Images or artwork must be submitted in PNG format.
- Flexibility is a key requirement, including the need to resize easily and to look good in black and white as well as color. The final version of the image/logo will need to be suitable for high quality printing.

Winners & Prizes

The top 10 designs will be recognized in a public gallery on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Facebook page.

From the Top 10 designs, select designs will be featured on promotion products designed for retail and promotion purposes. The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam team will notify those selected by September 15, after judging is complete. The designs selected for reproduction will receive a personalized gift with their artwork on it.

Indemnity; Disclaimer of warranties; Limitation of Liability

By participating in the Contest, the Entrant agrees to be bound by these Official Rules, including all eligibility requirements. By participating in the Contest, the Entrant agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam and its officers, agents, affiliates, contractors, contributors, subsidiaries from any and all liability, claims, or actions of any kind.


By participating in the Contest, the Entrant agrees that Southwest Florida Eagle Cam is not responsible, and will in no event be held liable, for any: (a) lost, late, illegible, misdirected, damaged, incomplete, corrupted or garbled entries; (b) telephone, computer, or network malfunction or error; (c) communication disruption or other disruptions related to Internet traffic, virus, bug, worm, or non-authorized intervention; or (d) damage caused by a computer virus or otherwise resulting to any computer from the submission of entries.

For the avoidance of doubt, to the extent that US law applies, nothing in these Official Rules shall limit or exclude either party’s liability for fraud, or for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, or any other liability to the extent such liability cannot be excluded or limited as a matter of law.

The Entrant agrees that the ability to participate in the Contest and to compete for the prizes offered in connection with the Contest constitute, where required, sufficient consideration for the Entrant’s obligations under these Official Rules.

A New Chapter for Harriet, Ozzie and E4- Nest Notes for May 12

Over the last few years the incredible story of Harriet, Ozzie and the raising of their offspring has been unfolding with glimpses into their day to day lives. Nature has provided them with strength, courage and the ability to survive in the face of adversity. Many cultures have revered the Eagle over the centuries because of their attributes. 

Harriet and Ozzie have displayed time and time again their devotion to each other and to their young. Although this Nesting Season has brought both joy and sorrow, Harriet and Ozzie proved their ability to adapt through their trials and tribulations. No matter what challenge was presented to Harriet and Ozzie, they instinctively and courageously persevered. We who have been privileged to observe their journey could take a cue from their example. 

As E4 begins the journey of Eagle life, there is comfort in knowing that all the instincts and abilities have been passed on from the dedication of the amazing and inspiring Eagle pair, Harriet and Ozzie. We await the return of Harriet and Ozzie and the next chapter of their story

Fly strong and brave and soar to higher heights, E4. Always in remembrance of the beautiful spirit of E3. 

E3 and E4. (dadsjazz)
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E4 growing strong.(dadsjazz)
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E4- a magnificent young Eagle. (dadsjazz)
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Video by urdognu

Video by wskrsnwings

Video Remembrance of E3 by urdognu

Mother’s Day Tribute to Harriet- Nest Notes, Photos & Video for May 11

Harriet and Ozzie were perched in the cam 2 tree at first light. Harriet proceeded to the nest to survey the sizes and shapes of branches she would search out for nest rebuilding. A Mother’s work is never done. She takes care of the homestead, protects and teaches her young and selflessly sees them off on their own journey. She is a dedicate partner to her mate, Ozzie, who responds with committed dedication to her and their young.

Harriet and Ozzie end the months of caring for their offspring as they began by refurbishing the nest in preparation for another nesting season. They work together as a team in all aspects of their lives. Although they may part ways for a time in the off season, Harriet may be seen most mornings in the nest territory defending the home she loves. Glorious Harriet has a lot to be proud of in her journey to insure the survival of her species.

Summary by dadsjazz

Harriet is working on bringing a large branch to the nest.
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Harriet arranging the branch she finally got into the nest. 
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Harriet and Ozzie together in the nest.
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Video by wskrsnwings

Last Sighting of E4?- Nest Notes for May 9

Summary for Friday, May 9, 2014

Has the Journey Begun?

The last reported sightings of E4 began at 6:40 am on Thursday, May 8. E4 flew toward the North and at 7:00 am was spotted flying by the pasture and off toward the East. There were no sightings today of E4. Ozzie and Harriet were perched in the pond tree at first light. They headed off toward the West pasture tree line. Harriet broke off a tree branch and brought it to the cam 2 tree but dropped it as the Mockingbird bothered her relentlessly. The rebuilding of the nest has begun. Ozzie was perched in the cam 2 tree and Harriet in the snag pond tree. Ozzie vocalized as the day light faded.

It is not certain whether E4 has begun the journey of the brave juvenile who will become a majestic Eagle.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 took a moment to revel in the quiet morning of a new day. Wednesday, May 7, 2014.
(Donna McMurrer)
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Harriet works on a large branch with greenery. (video/wskrsnwings)
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Ozzie and Harriet spent a few moments together in the pond tree this evening.
(Donna McMurrer)
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Video by wskrsnwings

E4 Mastering Skills- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for May 7

E4 has spent the last 19 weeks growing, learning and mastering skills needed for the future. Ozzie and Harriet have been diligent in their teaching and guidance of E4. The Family is seen in the mornings perched in one of the pasture tree. Mom and Dad fly off to attend to their duties and E4 has command of the pasture. E4 takes long beautiful flights soaring higher and higher then diving low and circling back to the pasture trees. Practice makes perfect. 

Ozzie and Harriet continue to make food drops in the nest and other places in the pasture to teach E4 to look for food at every opportunity. E4 successfully broke a branch off the pond tree and flew with it to the church tree but dropped it in flight. E4 is smart and strong and is becoming a regal Eagle.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 breaks a branch off in flight. (wskrsnwings)
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Family Tree this morning. (wskrsnwings)
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E4 looking very regal. (Donna McMurrer)
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Video by wskrsnwings

Video extras by wskrsnwings

Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” Soars Onto the Big Screen in Upcoming Movie

The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (SWFEC) will get a different kind of exposure this weekend with the release of the new movie “Moms Night Out” featuring Patricia Heaton, the well-known star of Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle, Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy), Sean Astin (LORD OF THE RINGS) and platinum-selling country recording artist Trace Adkins.

In the movie, the eagle parents, Harriet & Ozzie, are showcased as role models in tending to their young’s needs and providing constant shelter, protection and nourishment. “So many times we have heard how life mimics nature and what amazing parents Harriet & Ozzie are to their young,” says Andy Pritchett, the project manager for the camera and son of landowner Richard Pritchett. “We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with the producers to make this happen and hope this will help grow our network of viewers and continue to keep the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam on the map.”

In the story, Allyson (Sarah Drew) and her friends long for a peaceful, grown-up evening of dinner and talk–a long-overdue “moms’ night out.” But to indulge in high heels, adult conversation, and not having to cut anyone else’s meat, their husbands will need to watch the kids for a few hours. What could go wrong? Watch the trailer for some hilarious and possible ideas! 

To View the movie trailer:CLICK HERE

MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is a Kevin Downes Production of an Erwin Brothers Film.  MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is directed by The Erwin Brothers, and produced by Kevin Downes in association with Four Boys Films and Pure Flix Entertainment.

History of the Eagles 
Harriet and Ozzie have been calling North Fort Myers their winter home for over twenty years and typically reside in the nest between the months of October and April.  This active pair of birds have been laying eggs and raising fledgling eagles for the past several years.  During season one of the SWFEC, the eagle couple, whom mate for life, hatched two eaglets. Facebook followers of SWFEC, voted on the names of the eaglets and then faithfully tuned in as they developed, fledged the nest March 25 and left the area in late May. Season two brought on new challenges and memories for viewers with one sibling perishing early in the season and the surviving eaglet,E4, developing slowly but successfully fledging the nest. 

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The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Foundation was created by the Pritchett family so viewers and philanthropists can donate to help maintain the camera for future live streams and projects. To learn more or to donate, click here


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E4 Defends the Nest- Nest Notes for May 5

E4 is becoming more and more skillful and courageous as the daily adventures continue. E4 flew out to meet Ozzie returning from the river with his catch of the day. Ozzie dropped a fish by the bank of the pond as E4 chased behind him. E4 cautiously at on the ground. Ozzie brought in another fish to the nest and Harriet and E4 raced in to meet him. E4 warded off Mom and Dad to claim the meal. Ozzie and Harriet observed from the branch above as E4 ate the fish and vocalized their approval for E4’s lessons well learned.

E4 was soaring with a juvenile eagle above the nest territory when another food delivery came. E4 dove in to defended the nest and the food from the hungry juvenile who tried to steal the fish from E4. Harriet joined in the chase to fend off the juvenile eagle, but E4 had it under control. Ozzie and Harriet’s encouragement and teaching of E4 are becoming evident as E4 uses the skills to perfection in the journey to becoming a magnificent Eagle.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 warns Ozzie and Harriet from the food, they voice their approval. (Donna McMurrer)
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E4 Defends the nest and the food from a juvenile eagle. (Donna McMurrer)
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Mom and E4 fly off together, (Donna McMurrer)
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Video by wskrsnwings 

Weekend at the Eagles Nest- Nest Notes for May 3-4

SWFEC Weekend Summary Saturday and Sunday, May 3-4, 2014

Most mornings find the Family perched in close proximity to the nest. They greet the morning and each other with their vocalizations. Soon Ozzie and Harriet take flight to begin the day’s hunt. E4 resumes the daily work out flying and soaring, chasing Mom and Dad and being chased by the crows and blue jays. Ozzie and Harriet are excellent parents and providers of valuable lessons E4 will need for successful survival.

Ozzie and Harriet both delivered prey to the nest. Ozzie dropped a fish in the pasture and E4 was swift to find and steal it, taking it to the tree branch to eat. E4 has developed keen senses and uses them well. E4 was caught in the rain on Saturday but was seen drying out nicely in the evening. Ozzie and Harriet and E4 return to the nest area as the sun is setting most nights. They end the days as they begin, together as a Family.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 talons out ready to seize the prey from Ozzie. (dadsjazz)
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E4 fluffing up. (Donna McMurrer)
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E4 taking the fish to the pond tree. (Dee Kelly)
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Video extra by wskrsnwings